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After the completion of the first two years of the AZ Health Zone's three-year program cycle, the Evaluation Team has some exciting results to share!

Along the way, we have published the results regarding the reliability of our youth survey (KAN-Q) in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, presented our work at national conferences, and compiled Arizona SNAP-Ed’s evaluations into annual comprehensive reports.

Reports & Deliverables

1. FY19 AZ Health Zone Evaluation Report

2. FRESHNESS Report 2019

3. AZ Health Zone 2018 Annual Evaluation Report

4. Garden Champions Report 2018

5. AZ Health Zone 2017 Annual Evaluation Report

6. AZ Health Zone 2017 Data Mat

7. SHAPE Report on School Health in Arizona 2017

8. SHAPE Infographic on School Health in Arizona 2017

9. Arizona Nutrition Network 2016 Annual Evaluation Report

Scholarly Publications

1. A Case Study of a New State Model for Assessing Local Wellness Policies, Journal of School Health 2019

2. Reliability of a Kid's Activity and Nutrition Questionnaire for School-Based SNAP-Ed Interventions as Part of a Tiered Development Process 2017

3. Economic Impacts of the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension SNAP-Ed Spending 2015

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Conference Presentations

1.  Youth Physical Activity Outcomes Improve after School-Based SNAP-Ed Multilevel Interventions 2019 (Poster)

2.  SNAP-Ed Study Finds Differences in Nutrition and Physical Activity Behavior of English vs. Spanish Speakers Before Education 2019 (Poster)

3.  Five Tips for Large-Scale Assessment of School Wellness Policies Using the WellSAT Scoring System 2019 (Poster)

4.  A Statewide School Wellness Policy Assessment Finds Marked Improvements among SNAP-Ed Supported School Districts 2019 (Poster)

5.  Implementation of School Health Initiatives Linked to Healthy Schools Program Participation and Higher Employment Counties in AZ 2018 (Poster)

6.  Supporting Health Equity in Arizona by Assessing Physical Activity Resources 2018 (Oral Presentation)

7.  Assessing the Availability, Appeal, and Promotion of Healthier Foods in Arizona Small Stores 2018 (Poster)

8.  Assessing Coalition Success Factors in Alignment with the National SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework 2017 (Poster)

9.  A Statewide Assessment of Obesity Prevention Needs and Readiness among Early Childhood Education Sites 2017 (Poster)

10. Development of a Summer Food Service Program Evaluation Checklist for SNAP-Ed 2017 (Poster)

Working Papers

Positive Effects of Educational Outreach on Physical Activity, Sitting, and Nutrition Behaviors in SNAP-Eligible Adults

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